Latinx Story Project

De La Raíz

A project dedicated to gathering and sharing stories of the rich and many Latinx communities of Southern Oregon. Through personal interviews, research, and visual art, this project hopes to center and uplift our voices while challenging stereotypes and national narratives of who we are. Stories from this project will be distributed through an online archive, local exhibits, and print journals.

Remembering and Telling Our Stories


Our Stories

The Things That Do Not Burn

The Things That Do Not Burn

Last December The Hearth and De La Raíz worked together to offer an evening of stories and songs in the wake of the Almeda fires. Focused on tales of resiliency, The Things That Do Not Burn/Las Cosas Que No Se Queman presented six stories by local Spanish and English speaking residents.

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Matilde Arias

Matilde Arias

Matilde Arias and her mother always been close. When she was 12, her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy saved her life, but after entering remission, she had a stroke. As her mother worked...

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Coming Up

Featured Event

Compartir historias de las mujeres en nuestra vida
Compartir historias de las mujeres en nuestra vida
05/21/2021 – 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Están invitadxs a unirse con nosotros para un círculo de historias en línea gratuito el jueves 20 de mayo a las 6:30pm-8pm (PST). El tema de historias que vamos a compartir va a ser las mujeres y madres en nuestra vida. Hay una cosa que todos tenemos en común, ¡no estaríamos vivxs sin las mujeres y nuestra madre tierra. ¡Ven a compartir tus historias sobre las mujeres que han impactado tu vida, es un momento de celebrar nuestras mujeres! Monse Monserrat Alegría y Erica Ledesma facilitarán la noche de cuentos por Zoom con indicaciones sobre las historias y ejercicios en grupos pequeños. El evento es gratuito, pero se requiere preinscripción. Para más información pueden contactar

Community HIghlights

Noche De Cuentos

After evaluating their skill sets of art, literature, and performance, Erica Ledesma, Raul Tovar and Cesar Flores began searching for ways to give voice to their Latinx community. They continually asked themselves, “Who will write the history of our community? How will our stories be passed on for others to learn from?” These questions lead them to ask more questions of ways that others could pass on their stories in the language we first learned, Spanish. They gained inspiration from the Moth, Ted Talks and The Hearth, a local storytelling organization.

Together they created Noche de Cuentos, a live event that brings people together through food, music, and storytelling. At their events you are likely to experience the smell of Mexican hot chocolate, original songs by local artists, and stories from all walks of life. They consciously host this event in Spanish because they recognize the lack of opportunities for Spanish speakers to artistically express themselves. All people have a story to tell and the themes are endless. We will continue to capture stories, training people who are interested to share them on stage, so that our stories live on.

Noche De Cuentos event on stage
Roberto Franco Storyteller on stage

Estrella Medrano

Don Raul Tovar

Perla Salazar